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Westword: Sexy Pizza One Of Denver’s Best New York-Style Pizza by the Slice

The Ten Best Pizza Joints for New York-Style Pizza by the Slice


Pizza styles, like Denver citizens themselves, have come to the city from every part of the country, bringing their tastes with them. But perhaps the hardest to please are transplants from New York City, where population density and a pedestrian lifestyle translate to pie shops set up on nearly every block so that neighbors and commuters can grab a slice on a paper plate without missing a beat. New Yorkers are very specific about what makes a great slice of pizza, from the exact thickness of the crust to the way the grease should pool on top of the cheese to the foldability factor. In Denver as in New York, the keys to success also include a high-traffic location, the right cheese and toppings and a menu that doesn’t stray into gourmet territory. After all, pizza by the slice is for people on the go who don’t wan’t all the bells and whistles and flowery descriptions that come with haute-cuisine pies. Here are the ten best pizza joints in Denver for New York-style pizza by the slice, listed in alphabetical order.

Sexy Pizza
1579 South Pearl Street, 303-777-5878
2460 Eliot Street, 303-927-7764
1018 East 11th Avenue, 303-830-8111

A slice at Sexy Pizza has more in common with those at the Pie Hole than at any other joint on the list: thin and a little crunchy and almost demure in comparison to some of the more menacing monsters. But the sauce is a standout, with tangy tomato flavor that isn’t overwhelmed by a thick, chewy crust. It really is the sexiest of the bunch, if that’s what you’re after.

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