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Westword: Lucha Libre & Laughs Named a Best January Show

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in January


The new year has arrived, and after a tumultuous time for comedy on both a local and national scale, it’s a relief to have a fresh start. Fortunately, Denver comedy is in fighting shape for 2018, and the city’s clubs, theaters and DIY venues all plan to put their best foot forward in the month ahead. Though primarily focused on standup showcases, our picks for the top ten comedy events in January also include movie-roasting, crowd-pleasing improv and Lucha Libre wrestling — an apt demonstration of the local comedy scene’s breadth and creativity. So make a resolution that you can surely keep: See more comedy shows in 2018. The following ten are a good start.

Lucha Libre & Laughs: Enter the 36th Chamber
Friday, January 5, 8 p.m.
The Oriental Theater

Denver’s most inventive and elaborate comedy showcase comes off the ropes with a lineup as muscular as the luchadors themselves. The brainchild of wrestling superfan and bumbling referee Nick Gossert, Lucha Libre & Laughs is a perennial favorite whose fan base grows in both number and ferocity each month. In what’s clearly a labor of love, Gossert hustles to not only book the funniest comics in Denver, but also to juggle the schedules of all the wrestlers involved, renting the ring and doing the lion’s share of promotion, with a valuable assist from Sexpot Comedy and a cadre of local sponsors. The result is one of the most unique showcases in town. While it would seem that wrestling is the main attraction, the comedy is fully integrated into the show. In fact, the color commentary from Nathan Lund and Sam Tallent keeps the audience laughing during the feats of strength, often becoming the stealth highlight of the evening. The show is starting off 2018 strong, with a brawny lineup of LLL Champion Mike Sydal, Allie Gato, Lonnie Valdez, and Xander Kreed (to name but a few) in the ring, and Sarah Hake, Jose Macall, Ben Kronberg and more on the mic. The Oriental’s doors open at 7 for the 8 p.m. showtime. Tickets are $10 via the Oriental Theater box office page.

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