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Westword chats with Andy Juett about High Plains, Glenn, and Sexpot


by Lindsey Bartlett

Westword: For those who don’t know, what is Sexpot comedy, which you formed with Kayvan Khalatbari?

For me, Sexpot Comedy is born out of highlighting the Denver comedy scene, creating a community or further enhancing an industry that already exists, and creating an infrastructure. We always have the control and the purview and are willing to take risks. Somebody has to. The cool thing is, there are so many more comedy jobs. Not all of them pay the best. Hopefully, what Sexpot does is raise the bar on the amount of shows people can do in or outside the club. There has to be some sort of organization.

Who is Glenn, the character you play in your web series Glenn Has Idea$?

Glenn tangiblizes my skills. Glenn is the worst parts of middle-size or big business. He’s interesting, hopefully, because he’s simultaneously innovative and curious and even a little smart, but his main goal is to further his and Rick’s well-being. Rick [played by Andrew Orvedahl] is in shambles. Glenn is an accumulation of the experience I’ve had in a lot of business on the media side.

You have some of your friends, fellow comedians, in High Plains as well as in your web series. Tell me about Rory Scovel’s hilarious cameo in Glenn Has Idea$ episode 5.

Rory is pretty much my favorite comedian. To be able to square off with him on camera, with all the guests we have, is pretty exciting. I don’t take it lightly.

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