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Werewolf Radar Ep. 52: Marty Martin and the Case of the Cape Hill Creep


Buckle thine seatbelts, ghost-holsters, it’s time for another episode of Werewolf Radar! The crew breaks new ground this week as they catalogue sightings of Denver’s first and only known native cryptid! We don’t know what it is, but we think it means business. Also we discuss the merits and morasses of being married to a ghost hunter, the legal cryptid status of the Jackalope and, in what is quite possibly the funniest segment in WWR history, what to do when your child becomes inhabited by the ghost of a 90-year-old Hollywood actor turned agent. Stick around to the end. You Deserve it.


ALERT! Cryptid sighted roaming Denver suburbs

Amanda Knox plans to marry rock’n roll ghost hunter

Wikipedia entry on Jackalopes

Oklahoma boy claims to be reincarnation of Hollywood actor


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