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Werewolf Radar Ep. 43: Release the Ice Shrieker!


Salutations, Spacepersons Joe! Almost five months ago the crew of the Radar went out for a pack of smokes and never came home. However, after much soul searching (Aka Ghost hunting) The crew has returned from drifting around the American Southwest to spread the gospel of paranormal preparedness once again. We have missed you guys so much that we thought it only right that we return with an episode chock full of great deals on cursed swords, haunted castles, and even celestial bodies! Everything must go in this once-in-a-lifetime savings spooktacular. Jordan, Nate and Roger also take some time to dig all the way to the bottom of that frozen treat of a mystery, THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT! Join us as we get closer than ever before to uncovering the truth of what happened to 9 poor souls on a lonely Russian mountainside, all those years ago.

Special Guests this week include Mittens the Hair-cutted dog! Captain Kirkules Cameron, Kalibos: Spirit of the Blade, Best Buy: Ruler of Best Buy and Greg: Monarch of the Moon.


Potentially Haunted Sword For Sale (Dibs)

Wikipedia Article on the Dyatlov Pass Incident

Haunted Castle For Sale

The Dobhar-chú

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