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The Narrators Ep. 98: Steph Gustafson, “Please don’t tell mom”


In honor of Mother’s Day and “Tongues,” our theme for May, today we’re sharing a story that features fifth-grade frenching, sibling blackmail, and one super smart mom. This story was told by Steph Gustafson on 16 December 2015 at Buntport Theater in Denver Colorado; the theme of that evening was “Siblings.”

Our regular monthly shows are just around the corner—first on 10 May in San Diego at Tiger!Tiger! Tavern and then on 18 May in Denver at Buntport Theater. Both shows are free, both start at 8pm, and both will focus on the theme “Tongues.”

In Denver, we are teaming up with the Forum Stories and the Misunderstood podcast on 14 May for a special evening entitled Totally Normal, where The Narrators favorites like Timmi Lasley and Debbie Scheer will share stories about the humanity, humor and totally ordinary world of mental health. Hope to see you there!

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