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Talkin' Shop w/ Jordan Doll: Full Episode

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Talkin' Shop w/ James McElwee & Dennis Flippin: Full Episode

Ladies & Gentlemen!! I have two amazing people joining at the table in this episode!! Dennis Flippin is easily one of the best filmographers in Colorado!! Owner of Flippin Entertainment, Dennis has filed everyone from Michael Jordan to Oprah. He’s filmed President Obama & even got to work ON THE NEX…

Talkin' Shop w/ Karen Wachtel: Full Episode

On Thursday February 23, 2017 Karen Wachtel joined Anthony Crawford on Talkin' Shop at Mutiny Information Cafe to discuss comedy promotion, the High Plains Comedy Festival and much more. Recorded and filmed by Wally Wallace

Fort Collins' Best Comedy Venues & Mics - Talkin Shop w/ Fort Comedy

As one of Fort Collins top comedy groups Fort Comedy has had their fair share of experiences with venues and open mics in the city. In this clip they share some of the venues they have had the best experiences with, and maybe one or two that they didn't like working with. Talkin' Shop is a live co…

Working With Doug Stanhope - Talkin Shop w/ Fort Comedy

When Kyle Pogue first started doing comedy his biggest dream was to do a show with Doug Stanhope. After forming Fort Comedy with David Rodriguez and Mallory Wallace that dream became a reality. In this video clip Fort Comedy talks about their experience s working with Doug. Talkin' Shop is a come…

Finding The Right Venue - Talkin Shop w/ Fort Comedy

Finding the right venue to host a comedy showcase or open mic is not always the easiest task. In this video clip David Rodriguez, Kyle Pogue and Mallory Wallace of Fort Comedy share some advice on realizing when a venue isn't right, and the type of characteristics they think venues that are good to…

Introduction & Anthony's Advice - Talkin Shop w/ Fort Comedy

On Thursday January 26, 2017 Anthony Crawford sat down with the comedy trio that makes up Fort Comedy; Kyle Pogue, Mallory Wallace, and David Rodriguez at Mutiny information Cafe to Talk Shop about comedy. As he does in every episode Anthony started off the show by sharing a word of advice on comedy…

Financing a comedic life - Talkin' Shop w/ Zac Maas

Zac and Anthony took a little time during their Talkin' Shop session to discuss surviving on little money while starting a career in comedy. They touch on time management, money saving tips, and suggesting readings that have helped them hone their comedic skills on the cheap.

Nate's Start in Comedy - Talkin' Shop w/ Nate Craig

Anthony started off the podcast by asking Nate how he first got started in comedy. Nate tells Anthony of his yester years when HBO would magically appear on his television dial on certain weekends, and how his mother supported his love for stand-up at an early age.

Introduction & Anthony's Advice Talkin' Shop w/ Nate Craig

This week on Talkin’ Shop Anthony Crawford is joined by Nate Craig, a Wisconsin bred, L.A. residing comedian that has been seen on MTV, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing and more.