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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 58: Baron Vaughn & Danny Maupin

Ladies & Gentlemen!! Talkin SHOP is back at High Plains Comedy Festival!! Since its not officially a part of the festival…IT’S FREE TO EVERYONE!!! Listen as I pick these comics brains!!

-Anthony Crawford

Baron Vaughn (@barvonblaq) has done it all!! Regular cast member on several tv shows, regular cast member on several Netflix shows, voice of Servo on Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return, made a documentary called “Fatherless”, late night appearances & pretty much did all the festivals. This man never stops!!

Danny Maupin (@Dannymaupin) is a Chicago based comedian with a impressive number of credits. He co-created a amazing show called Late Late Breakfast which throws a wrench in comics sets as they perform. Really creative guy.


It’s a free live podcast created and hosted by Anthony Crawford that has the best in the comedy world come and tell you how they do what they do. That, along with Mutiny Information Cafe‘s cool vibe and a Q&A makes Talkin’ Shop a comedy nerd’s dream!

Recorded by Wally Wallace

A production of Sexpot Comedy.

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