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Talkin’ Shop Ep. 47: Dennis Flippin & James McElwee

Ladies & Gentlemen!! I have two amazing people joining at the table in this episode!!
Dennis Flippin is easily one of the best filmographers in Colorado!! Owner of Flippin Entertainment, Dennis has filed everyone from Michael Jordan to Oprah. He’s filmed President Obama & even got to work ON THE NEXT STAR WARS EPISODE!!! If you have any questions on film & video..he’s your man!!
James McElwee is one of the best sound engineers in Colorado!! What’s his credits? He just worked with Quinton Tarantino on Hateful 8 & had a awesome studio here in Denver!! He plans on showing everyone how to properly take care of your sound equipment!! You have sound problems regularly? You might wanna pick his brain!!

-Anthony Crawford

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It’s a free live podcast created and hosted by Anthony Crawford that has the best in the comedy world come and tell you how they do what they do. That, along with Mutiny Information Cafe‘s cool vibe and a Q&A makes Talkin’ Shop a comedy nerd’s dream!sexpot_logo

Recorded and filmed by Wally Wallace

A production of Sexpot Comedy.

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