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Zac is a co-host of Whiskey and Cigarettes as well as Comics Against Civility.

Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 159: Andres Taboada, Paul Julmeus & James Pate

This week we are joined by Andres Taboada, Paul Julmeus and James Pate! Clips this week from Rocket History, Fitzdog Radio, The Farming Podcast, Family Ghosts, Dumb People Town and My Brother, My Brother And Me. We asked these old Floridian friends if you could be the first person to pee anywhere, what place would […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 158: Dave Stone

This week we are joined by Dave Stone! Clips this week from First Date Podcast, Probably Science, Canceled, FEaB, Gross Lonely Boys, and Fitzdog Radio. We ask when did you lose your innocence? What Band name would you like to have as your legal name? Have you ever pretended to like a band? What is […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 157: Shane Mauss

This week we are joined by guest Shane Mauss! Clips this week from These Things Matter, Probably Science, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Mysterious Universe, RadioLab, and Harmontown. We discuss what was your first magazine? What’s a secret you had with one parent? What animal and toy pairing would you use to rehab convicts? How […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 155: William Montgomery and Chris Jeffries

This week we are Joined by William Montgomery and Chris Jeffries! Clips from Monday Morning Podcast, Dumb People Town, You Know What Dude, The Bodega Boys, and Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast. We discuss being involved in hit and runs, what is the worst sugar free food? What President or athlete are you most like? […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 154: Matthew Broussard & Steve Vanderploeg

This week we are joined by Matthew Broussard and Steve Vanderploeg! Clips from Camera Stew, Harmontown, The Tim Ferriss Show, Hollywood Babble-On, and Jordan, Jesse, Go! We discuss weird uber drivers, what thing in history would you like to photograph? What kind of talking animal would you want? What was your favorite school lunch as […]

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3 Sexpot Comedy Events Made Westword’s January Top 10

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver: January 2017 BY BYRON GRAHAM OF DENVER WESTWORD As Coloradans face a cold and unknowable 2017, it’s heartening to remember that opportunities to lose themselves in the warmth of a chortling crowd will present themselves all month long. With fond farewells, grand homecomings and special guests headlining our clubs […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 153: Sammy Arechar and Abby Rosenquist

This week we are joined by Abby Rosenquist and Sammy Arechar! Clips this week from Live to Tape, The City Council Chronicles, Foreplay Radio Sex Therapy, StarTalk, Fitzdog Radio, and Terrible, Thanks For Asking. We discuss when we got our first cell phones,  The worst nickname you’ve used on someone? What business would you open […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 152: Andrew Polk and Byron Graham

This week we are joined by Andrew Polk and Byron Graham! Clips from Radiolab, Going Feral, Probably Science, Harmontown, Heavy Weight, and The Dollop. We discussed musical memories, how would you attack things if you had venom? Would you rather be double or half your size? What was the first movie that disappointed you? What […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 151: AJ Finney and Matt Orrin

This week we are joined by AJ Finney and Matt Orrin at The Comedy Room Room. Clips this week from The Bugle, Handsome Rambler, The Boogie Monster, Going Feral, My Fantasy Wife, Crimetown, and Empty Girlfriend. We discuss what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done after a breakup? If you could shoot any liquid out your nipples […]

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