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J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol Part 1

J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol Here it is! J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol! The first part, anyway. We here at J.E. Industries made something special this year and instead of a short sing-a-long, we did something epic. Additionally, we fixed Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. However, have you ever said, “this classic could use more […]

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The Bible Goes West

The Bible Goes West: Joseph Down Under

The Season Finale of The Bible Goes West! Thank you all for listening to Season Genesis. Next up Exodus! J.E. T. and Clarence. The Bible Goes West, By J.E. Tucker Genesis 20 Joseph Down Under 1 So Joseph, one of the few to survive the destruction caused by Jacob and Esau’s feud, needed work. 2 […]

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