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Jay GillespieJay Gillespie is one of the madmen of Denver comedy. Whether you’ve seen him with his band Ultra Sex Laser or performing music or comedy solo, a performance by Jay Gillespie is hard to forget.  Hitting the stage like a hurricane and tearing through his bizarre and hilarious songs at a breakneck pace, he leaves audiences bewildered and laughing, his act is one that must be seen to be believed.  The high level of energy he displays during a performance often leads audience members to describe him as “that guy who was on cocaine”, whether or not he was actually on cocaine. Jay has performed at venues throughout Colorado and has toured all over the country.  You can check out some of Jay’s music on his Youtube Channel, and watch his web series Video Games right here on

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Sexpot Comedy Content Featuring Jay Gillespie

Jay, Jeremy, and Roger Play Aladdin (SNES)

Aladdin (SNES) Aladdin (SNES) What do you do when you got some friends hanging out? You plug in the SNES and play some Aladdin! Episode Four! Guest are William Elder and Joe Gray! Aladdin (SNES) is a 1993 platformer video game developed by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, based on the 1992 animated Disney film of the same name. Disney’s Aladdin is a 2D side-scrolling […]

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Jay and Roger Play Mario Kart 8

Jay and Roger Play Mario Kart! w/ Laura and Katie! Mario Kart Time! Episode Three! The Third One! Roger, Jay, and Jeremy have invited a few friends over and decided to play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (has anyone bought a non-deluxe version of the game?). This episode centers around the glory that is the […]

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Westword: Nerd Roast & 3MCS Finale Are Best Events Under $10

Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 and Under (Seven Free) BY BYRON GRAHAM OF DENVER WESTWORD It’s time to get hyped for the upcoming Hallo-weekend. While there are plenty of spooky spectacles and ghoulish gatherings awaiting Denverites, many venues are dispiritingly aware that they can price-gouge partiers all they like. Luckily, others are offering tricks, treats, […]

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NFL Prediction Time!!! NFL Week 6 by Videogames.

NFL Prediction Time!!! Streamed to Twitch World: Watch Madden 18 round 2! from JayandRoger on The Season needs predicting and we are here for all of your needs, if your needs are needing to know who is going to win professional football games. NFL Prediction Time!!! Jay, Roger, and Jeremy are playing Madden 18 […]

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Broadcast Geeks Ep. 89: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Andy & Jay

Welcome to episode 89 of Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek and nerd related provided our DVR’s have space and our Netflix accounts are our own and none others. This week the boys sit down with comedian/musician Jay Gillespie and Sexpot Comedy guru Andy Juett to talk Ducktales, Riverdale, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Justice […]

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“Howl” Plains Comedy Festival by Jay Gillespie

Filmed at Denver’s “High Plains Comedy Festival 2017” this film features comedians from all over the country reading the poem “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg in it’s entirety. The director, Jay Gillespie, when asked why he would do such a project responded, “I don’t know what comedy or art is anymore.” Featuring appearances from Eddie Peptone, […]

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The Bible Goes West: The Hanging of Isaac; and the Feud of Jacob and Esau

Genesis 13 1 On a dusty afternoon, the Judge God decided to see exactly how loyal Abraham was; and he said, Behold, I have ridden here. 2 The Judge continued, I think your son is a no-good, cheating, thief. I need you to enact the Law of the West upon him. You shall hang him […]

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The Bible Goes West: Sarai, Abraham, and Hagar; and the Great Brand of God

The Bible Goes West Sarai, Abraham, and Hagar; and The Great Brand of God Genesis 8 1 After these things, The Judge came to Abraham in a Fiery Vision, saying, Fear Not Abraham. I am they Shield, and thy exceeding great reward. 2 And Abraham Said, Judge God, What have you rewarded me, seeing as […]

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