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Infauxmation Ep 14 | Chris Charpentier

Ohhh daddy, talk about a good episode we have for you this week! Joining us on the show this week is the one and only Chris Charpentier! We talk about the Denver nurses that got in some heat after admiring a dead man penis, then we talk about the Bronx McDonald’s manager that got arrested […]

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Infauxmation Ep 13 | Roger Norquist

Episode 13! We are at a baker’s dozen here at Infauxmation and boy are we pumped for this episode. This week on the show we have long-time friend and podcasting partner, Roger Norquist! Roger and I have been smoking weed and slinging jokes together longer than anyone else I know in comedy. So this week […]

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Infauxmation Ep 12 | Joe Alfano

This week on Infauxmation the podcast we have Joe Alfano from New York City “live” in our Denver Studios. We discuss some amazing stories this week including the lady from Main that drown a rabid raccoon in an amazing feat of man dominating nature. We also talk about the British “hero” who one let one […]

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Infauxmation Ep 10 | Troy Walker and Caleb Synan

On this week’s Infauxmation, we sit down with comedians Troy Walker and Caleb Synan to discuss a group of white christian deans that took a very controversial photo “for a friend” and then we move on to the woman that lit her boyfriend on fire, then put the flames out with a bucket of pee. […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 9 | Mo Vida

On this week’s episode of Infauxmation, we sit down with comedian Mo Vida, a New York comic &  Denver native who most recently appeared on Season 1 of Comics Watching Comics. We discuss some three doozies of stories including a Florida murder suspect that used his big penis as his defense for not guilty, a […]

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Infauxmation Ep. 7: Adrian Mesa and Mayu the Sex Robot

This week comedian Adrian Mesa joins us in the Infauxmation studio to talk about King Cobras discovered in potato chip cans, a mom’s baking mishap, and Japanese sex robots! We even have a sex robot join us in studio to talk about her experiences in the dark world of 1’s and 0’s. Big thanks to […]

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