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A&G: Beards vs. Mustaches & Snobs vs Slobs

Live from High Plains Comedy Festival 2017 Beards vs Mustaches (Chris Charpentier vs Jordan Doll) Snobs vs Slobs (Eddie Pepitone vs Nathan Lund) Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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Josh Androsky & HPCF Named Best Events in Denver 8/22 – 8/28

The 21 Best Events in Denver, August 22-28 BY WESTWORD STAFF Consider this your warning: There are so many good things to do on this week’s list of the 21 best events in Denver, you’ll want to grab your tickets early. From an Itchy-O album release party (!) to the High Plains Comedy Festival and plenty of […]

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5 Sexpot Events Named Top Comedy In August By Westword!

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver: August 2017 BY BYRON GRAHAM OF DENVER WESTWORD August may be the final month of a particularly muggy summer, but Denver comedy is just getting warmed up: The month ahead has enough great comedy shows to tickle every rib and fancy in this fine city. From brainy podcast listeners and comedic […]

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Grabbing Lunch Episode 87: Eddie Pepitone (Netflix: In Ruins) & Sean Conroy (Adult Swim) at The Oinkster

In episode 87 of The Grabbing Lunch podcast, be a big shot with Eddie Pepitone (The Bitter Buddha) and Sean Conroy (Adult Swim) at The Oinkster in Hollywood. YOU’LL HEAR THE CONTEXT OF THESE QUOTES: “Who do I gotta blow to get an electron microscope over here?” – Eddie Pepitone “I didn’t do anything illegal […]

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Whiskey and Cigarettes Ep. 143: Eddie Pepitone, Matt Monroe, and Cody Spyker

Eddie Pepitone, Matt Monroe, and Cody Spyker join us for #143. What TV show should your parents have used to teach you about sex? If you could replace one of your daily hygiene rituals with a pill, what would it be? What’s the strangest way you’ve been paid? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast! […]

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