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Cannabist: Colorado’s Marijuana Crop 5 Years after Amendment 64

Op-ed: Five years after Amendment 64, Colorado’s marijuana crop is getting greener By Nick Johnson, Special To The Cannabist After marijuana’s November 2012 victory at the Colorado ballot box, voters and state officials seemed oblivious to the fact that they had just green-lighted a huge agricultural industry. Five years after Coloradans legalized recreational marijuana with the passage of […]

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Denver Post: Kayvan Khalatbari and Kyle Zeppelin on Denver Green-Roof Initiative

Denver green-roof initiative would improve environment and city’s buildings By KAYVAN KHALATBARI and KYLE ZEPPELIN Initiative 300 on the Denver ballot is an opportunity to improve the environment and quality of design citywide — with a proven measure paid for by large-scale developers. Modeled after similar measures in San Francisco and Toronto, which local lawmakers passed with virtually […]

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Money Morning: Tech Marijuana Firms Need To Grow “Good Stuff”

They’ve Got the Tech Marijuana Firms Need to Grow the “Good Stuff” From MICHAEL A. ROBINSON originally ran in Strategic Tech Investor on October 25, 2017 They may call it “weed,” but commercial legal cannabis – the “good stuff” – is more like a pampered, pedigreed dog. Every pot grower knows that lots of care, technique, and technology goes into the cultivation […]

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The Know: Social Cannabis in Denver Facing Heavy Regulation

Facing heavy regulation, Denver’s social weed business is still a pipe dream By Kieran Nicholson of the Denver Post Among the main concerns Tuesday night at a public hearing on social marijuana use at Denver businesses were dual consumption of pot and alcohol, cannabis odors, visibility and protecting children from exposure to the drug. The hearing […]

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Cannabist: Special Interests Threaten Cannabis Industry

Colorado illustrates how special interests and establishment politics threaten cannabis industry Denver Post op-ed by Kayvan Khalatbari and Emmett Reistroffer The 2016 election brought watershed changes to the social and political landscape of America, through the election of a new and highly controversial president, and through an even greater show of widespread demand for ending […]

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Denver Post: Mutiny Seeks Marijuana Consumption Permit

How soon could Denver businesses open the first social marijuana use areas? It’s still not clear. By JON MURRAY of DENVER POST For Mutiny Information Cafe on Denver’s South Broadway strip, the city’s recently passed social marijuana use voter initiative could allow for once-a-month Saturday night gatherings that mix vaping, edibles and dancing. Other businesses are considering […]

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Denver Post: Uncalled Four Offers One-Way Ticket For Denver’s Worst Person

Nominate “Denver’s Worst Person” for a one-way ticket out of town By JOHN WENZEL of the DENVER POST ‘Tis the season for getting even. Uncalled Four, a Denver-based comedy game show inspired by the popular and harshly profane Cards Against Humanity party game, announced a contest this week to nominate “Denver’s Worst Person” for a one-way […]

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Denver Post: Backers of Initiative 300 Declare Victory

Backers declare victory after Denver’s social marijuana use measure shows wider lead in updated results By JON MURRAY of DENVER POST Denver’s ballot measure on social marijuana use appeared more likely to win passage with the release of updated election results Monday night. Not all votes are in yet — but it would take a major […]

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Denver Post: Initiative 300’s Lead Growing

  Lead grows for Denver’s social marijuana use measure, but 90,000 ballots still not counted By JON MURRAY of THE DENVER POST Too many ballots remain uncounted to declare victory for Denver’s social marijuana use ballot measure, but its lead has continued to widen in updated results. As of 6 p.m. Thursday, 51.6 percent of voters supported […]

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Denver Post: Initiative 300 Need To Knows

Initiative 300: Everything you need to know about Denver’s social cannabis use measure By RICARDO BACA of DENVER POST Colorado’s legal marijuana system isn’t without its paradoxes. Near the top of that list is public consumption, or “social use,” as it’s come to be known — and Initiative 300 in Denver aims to remedy this concern […]

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