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Casa de Haha S2E2 – Michael Karlik [The Daily Show]

The second episode of the talk show chameleon Casa de Haha returns with America’s second favorite passtime – political satire! Join host Dan Jewart as he dissects current events, learns new ways to fight hate crime, and interviews comedian and host of City Council Chronicles, Michael Karlik. Stay tuned to Casa de Haha – a […]

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Phone It In Denver: Taking Back Angel (First Place Winner)

Sarah McLachlan’s song “Angel” has had a profoundly depressing effect on humans and animals alike. Through the joy of domesticated wolves, we hope to find a way to smile during one of the saddest songs ever. Credits: Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Adam Fedyski Starring Bandita, Jalapeña, and Lycan

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Video Games Episode 116: Space Battle Intellivision w/ Adam Fedyski

In June of 2016 Medical Marijuana patient Jay Gillespie was pulled over and arrested. Follow the link to find out more: Normally there would be a description with various humor bits written inside. Instead We here at videogames would like to direct you toward the #FREEGILLESPIE page. Thank you for your support! Together we […]

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