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Stern German Lady: Reasons You Are A Sinner

Reasons you are a sinner

I realized that I’ve have called you a sinner since before you could remember but I have never really explained why you are such a sinful person. The following is a list of some of the reasons why you are going to hell.

1. Idolatry


For someone raised in a God-fearing home you sure had a lot of posters of that Jonathan Taylor Thomas and no pictures of Jesus on the cross. I know that you do not have them now but do you think that it matters to God? JTT or God is something every young girl needs to decide.

2. Being a False Prophet

Remember when you were seven and thought it would be fun to play church? Well turned out all of that was a sin. The prophets of God are not to be mimicked for it would diminished the word of God. Also all those kinder you played church with are going to hell for following you, the false prophet for the afternoon.

3. Rebellion against parents


Your teenage years were rough for you and I. While I forgive all your transgressions against me during your years of rebellion (running away, not doing what I commanded, and not doing the dishes when told) God is still very upset. Maybe you can make up for it by washing dishes in hell.

4. Stealing

When you were five you stole a candy bar at the market. I’m not sure you even remember. Well, you are going to be punished to the fullest extent by Satan for your heinous act. I sure hope that candy bar you do not remember was good.

5. Evil thoughts


I read your dairy from high-school. There were a number of things written down. I will not repeat them aloud, for fear of my mortal soul, but you know what you wrote. You know what you were thinking about doing to John Hesse. You thought there was no harm in having little fantasies about school-mates but I am here to tell you, Hell is awaiting all parties.

There are just five of the reasons you will be burning in hell for all eternity. I assure you I have more but there is no reason to hit you with them all at once. You are my child and while you are going to Hell, know that I still love you.


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