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Stern German Lady: New Way of Gifting

Dear Stern German Lady,

With the holiday shopping season already here, may I suggest another way to look at gifting? We all want to give the perfect gift to family members. Some gifts can cost a lot of money and some not. I would like people to take a step back and consider who they are buying for.

I stopped buying gifts for my parents and sister 10 years ago. Because their money is tight, I have been stocking their pantries with food and staples. I am well off enough financially that I have been able to fill their freezers with enough meat to last three months or more.

At Thanksgiving, my husband and I load up our car and bring the meat with us. Then my mom, sister, grandma and I go to the grocery store and buy staples for the pantry and what we need to make freezer meals. Abby, this takes so much pressure off them.

Food is expensive. So instead of buying Dad that new TV or sound system, or your sister that designer handbag, pause and take a hard look at their situation. Sometimes the need for basics outweighs the desire for the latest and greatest gadgets. Even paying a bill or two can help. Or gift cards for groceries.

I never expect presents from my family; all I want is for them to have some freedom in their lives from the daily worries.

In Need of a New Way of Gifting



Dear In Need of a New Way of Gifting

You are a shining example of what I consider to be a perfect woman and matriarch of a family. You understand that basic survival is the greatest gift one can give. People are too obsessed with material goods which are strictly for pleasure to understand the fragility of their lives. A PS4 is a nice toy but how good it at keeping the wolves at bay? Can it protect your love from highwaymen? Will it cave your child from the plague?

Maybe, teach them some extreme rationing methods. After World War 1, we Germans starved for years. Many died. The only reason my family continued was because of the rationing methods I invented. First remember that you can always eat less than you think you need. Many doctors will disagree but they have not gone through the dark times. I one time survived on one slice of bread for a week. Sure it grew mold by the fifth day but what is mold but additional calories that can be used for survival.

Another tip: eat more saw dust. It can go in bread, muffins, cookies, tortillas, and so many other things foreign people eat. You just need a little bit of flour to get the nutrients. Experiment on your own. Try saw dust in and on: eggs; pizza; fish; asian food; the list goes on and on.

I truly admire what you are doing for your family. Keep Fighting the good fight against death.

German LadyFür weitere Auskünfte stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung,

Stern German Lady


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