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Stern German Lady: 4 Things To Do When You Lose Health Care

Your government is attempting to remove the basic health rights of the people. You will soon lose healthcare. It is scary and a huge failure of your government. Regardless I know how to survive and I will teach you the tools and techniques and use and teach others in my local community. I have been through this many times before.

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms will be your best friend when your best friend dies of pre-existing liver disease. Medical uses, food purposes, and some of the bigger mushrooms can be used to cut dolls for the children still strong enough to play with dolls. Mushrooms can do almost everything! They can also kill but that is a different article.

2. Prayer

Cannot stop. Will not stop. When mushrooms fail God wont. God heals everyone…unless they are sinners

3. Stop Complaining

When both God and Mushrooms fail just stop complaining to your neighbors about it. I am over here suffering as well. I do not want to hear about your infested wound when I got a field of potatoes to plant and tend. Now if you had a potato problem, I am your woman but if rubbing mushrooms in the wound and praying to God did not work then I am not sure what to do; but please stop complaining.

4. Just Die and give your food to the strong

Listen, everyone dies. That being said, it is time you realize that mushrooms and praying to God did not stop the infection. The poison is running through your blood and is weakening you to the point of being unable to rise from bed. You have two options: you could fight with all your might against the sickness, consuming precious resources to heal you while making those around you weaker from their sacrifice; or you could just die, stop your drain on society and let those alive remain strong enough to work.

Times are going to get tough, life rarely gets better in my experience, but with the basics I have just taught your chance of survival is increased.

Für weitere Auskünfte stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung,

Stern German Lady

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