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Photo Gallery: Weeding Out The Stoned Denver 5/22/17

Sexpot Comedy presented Weeding Out the Stoned at Buntport Theater on Monday 5/22/17.

Sixteen comedians enter. All but one of them are stoned. It’s up to all of us to find the sober individual so the entire audience can win prizes! Officer Alex Grubard administers field sobriety tests, takes audience testimony, and asks trivia questions of Colorado’s premier drug-induced comics as we all seek justice by weeding out the stoned. Be part of the witch hunt!

Featuring Jeff Albright, Brent Gill, Brett Hiker, Georgia Rae Comstock, Allison Rose, Kira MagCallen, John Papaioannou, Byron Graham, Zac Maas, Sara Hake, Anthony Crawford, Jose Macall, Derrick Rush, John Novosad, Katie Parks, Matt Cobos, and Janae Burris



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