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Phone It In Denver: Fall 2016

The first ever Denver Phone It In Film Festival took place on Nov 12th 2016.  All films in the festival were: shot on a cell phone, under 3 minutes, and never before premiered.  All participants had unlimited freedom in post production.

Sponsored by:
Sexpot Comedy, Denver Deep Dish LoHi, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants, Rock Bottom – Denver Downtown, and Create Denver!

The Films

Taking Back Angel (1st Place Winner!)

Sarah McLachlan's song "Angel" has had a profoundly depressing effect on humans and animals alike. Through the joy of domesticated wolves, we hope to find a way to smile during one of the saddest songs ever. Credits: Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Adam Fedyski Starring Bandita, Jalapeña, and Lyca…

LEGALIZE KISS (2nd Place Winner!)

Legalize: Kiss // hahaha uhhh what? lol Credits: Starring William Montgomery and Andrew Curtis Forlines Produced by Talk Showdown

Every Body Dies (Tied for 3rd)

Every Body Dies "Appendicitis" Credits: Created by The Pussy Bros Christie Buchele, Janae Burris and Rachel Weeks Story and art by Rachel Weeks Script and Voices by The Pussy Bros Sound and Editing by Christie Buchele Can we post to social media?: Yes

Yelling And Falling (Tied For 3rd!)

By Ben Bryant and Harris Alterman

Grinterviews with Nic Dean

Comics being randomly interviewed on jobs they don't have. By: Jose MaCall With: Nic Dean

The Dragon

The Dragon- Two brothers grieve for the loss of their mother. Credits: director and editor- Alex Creasy writers-Alex Creasy/Jacob Rupp/Nathan Lund Producer-Sarah Hattendorf Human-Jacob Rupp Dragon-Nathan Lund

Facial Timing

Kevin tries to jerk off. Credits: Directed/written by Jacob Rupp Starring Kevin Klatman & Tyrel Hartman.

Ivy Baldwin; High Flyer of El Dorado

A short documentary about Colorado history and what it takes to walk a tightrope. Credits: By Evan Duggan Additional Camera Nikki Dreistadt Music by Darcy James Argue's Secret Society

The Douche Final

A douche goes to the PARTY MAN! Directed By: Zac Maas and Evan Dannemiller Written By: Steve Vanderploeg, Zac Maas, and Evan Dannemiller

Punk Rock Preach

Punk Rock Preach Short film about a preacher trying to spread the word of God by working outside the system. Credits: Written and Directed by Matt Wayman Starring Adam Hoppe

La Quit

La Quit - One man struggles to free himself from a bubbly addiction. Credits: Steve Cathcart


"Parties" by Piper Shepherd An original music video by Piper Shepherd Credits: Directed, edited, written, and performed by Piper Shepherd. Cast: Lolly Jane, Billy Zimmerman, Zack Shemwell, Colby Cervantes, Nik Foreman, Natali Lytch Heath, Ryan Heath. Filmed at The Womb Gallery in Oklahoma City, Ok…

The Crash Before Xmas

The Crash Before Xmas / A big crash before the big night. Credits: Written, Directed, Voiced by Roger Norquist Music from No Copyright Music - Youtube Audio Library Sounds from Iwan Sounds and DIY

Black Mirror Behind The Scenes

Black Mirror - Behind The Scenes Credits: Nicholai Roscoe and Harris Alterman


The Blair Witch Blair Witch Project - In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared into the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found. In October of 2016, Kurt Kroever went to the remake or sequel or whatever near Denver, Colora…

Exotic Car Nanny Phone It In

Exotic Car Nanny - a Day in the Life Jon Wilkins takes CarJokester to a new level during his short term employment as an Exotic Car Nanny to some fancy automobiles. Credits: Jon Wilkins - Exotic Car Nanny Vehicles supplied by the company formerly known as Opus Exotics Background music by Widespread…

Lost Dog

Walter can't find his dog. Credits: Shot, Edited by and Starring The Agency. Actors: Becca Waugh, Emily Zeek, Katie Sapp. Animal Actors: Rufio, Oscar, and Murfy. Special Thanks Kevin O'Brien. Music by Ultra Sex Laser.

Phone it in tour

Walk through of the event space.

House Hunters Van Edition

Credits: Jeremy Pysher and Kyle Marchal

Ride Share

Ride Share An uber driver gets a funhouse fare. Credits: Director/Editor - David Sands Writer/Clown - Tyler Malone Makeup/Producer/Location Scout/ Driver - Alex Brown