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One Man’s Garbage: You’re Talking About Talking Fish?

This week Zeke and Creasy sit down to talk to Ron Lynch!

OMG Ep2 Ron Lynch CoverRon Lynch is an amazing comic that’s been in Portlandia, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, Comedy Bang Bang, American Dad, Home Movies, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Dr. Katz Professional Therapist, Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and many more. We talk about Alfred Hitchcock movies, the first time Zeke and Creasy saw Psycho. They get Ron’s opinions on Rick and Morty and go over what movie’s he’s been in.

Zeke references a James Cameron Spider-Man Script which you can find here:

And a version of Alien with a dog in the costume which you can read about here: 

onemansgarbageslantWally Wallace chimes in for a few Martin Scorsese references. Creasy and Zeke go into why Ron hates Leonardo Dicaprio but loves Robert De Niro. As always we go over our childhood sex scenes and find out that Ron is old. Zeke hopes that the podcast comes off as old Chris Farley Show clips. The boys try there best to explain to Ron why the Star Trek movies are a reboot and not a remake. They talk about life love, finding god, exploring the ocean, they realize that the short hand for the show is OMG, all this and much more on this episode of One Man’s Garbage.

One Man’s Garbage Ep. 2: You’re Talking About Talking Fish? w/ Ron Lynch

OMG Ep2 Ron LynchThis plunge into the universe of movies plays out like a visit from the Ghosts of Movies Past, Present and Future. Join co-hosts and buddy cops Zeke Herrera and Alex Creasy as they delve into what makes what makes or breaks the movies they love, hate or are indifferent to. Joined by some of their favorite comedians each week, you never know who’s going to stop by. Produced by Sexpot Comedy, home to other great podcasts such as Empty Girlfriend, These Things Matter, Getting Around To It and Whiskey & Cigarettes.sexpot_logo

Audio Production by Wally Wallace

A Sexpot Comedy Production

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