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One Man’s Garbage: The Boys Are Back With A Suicide Pact!

Our first episode! We’re joined by Improviser and Stand Up Comic Katie Bowman host of You Do What!?! We talk about life, love, tragedy but mostly movies.

One Man's Garbage with Katie Bowman
We try to remember the plot to Holes, Katie explains why The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy sucks. We have fake commercials and music from Eric Goodman who can be found at I mention how there a very large desparity between film goers and critics. Heres a couple articles yuo can check out about it:



onemansgarbageslantOur producer Wally Wallace chimes in occasionallly. We talk The Evil Dead Franchise, Zeke explains that Army of Darkness was the best! We talk Pixar animation classes. We delve into our comedic aspirations and Creasy explains why hes a savant and not just autistic. We learn what everyone’s favorite sex scene is and find Bigfoot. Zeke and Creasy both got haircuts for this not realizing it is strictly an audio recording. We talk Mike Birbiglia’s stand up and improv career and might mention the fact that he’s getting pretty old. We get into creator of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland’s past careers. We love movies and hate ourselves. All this and more on this weeks episode of One Man’s Garbage.

One Man’s Garbage Ep. 1: The Boys Are Back With A Suicide Pact!

OMG Ep KatieThis plunge into the universe of movies plays out like a visit from the Ghosts of Movies Past, Present and Future. Join co-hosts and buddy cops Zeke Herrera and Alex Creasy as they delve into what makes what makes or breaks the movies they love, hate or are indifferent to. Joined by some of their favorite comedians each week, you never know who’s going to stop by. Produced by Sexpot Comedy, home to other great podcasts such as Empty Girlfriend, These Things Matter, Getting Around To It and Whiskey & Cigarettes.sexpot_logo

Audio Production by Wally Wallace

A Sexpot Comedy Production


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