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NFL Prediction Time!!! NFL Week 6 by Videogames.

NFL Prediction Time!!!

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Watch Madden 18 round 2! from JayandRoger on

The Season needs predicting and we are here for all of your needs, if your needs are needing to know who is going to win professional football games.

NFL Prediction Time!!! Jay, Roger, and Jeremy are playing Madden 18 again in hopes of Predicting the outcomes of Week 6 of the NFL Season. The grit of the grid iron is shown with all the hits Trump Loves; but wait there is more! Punters being moved up into the quarterback position, rivalries being settled in and out of court, and three wonderful guest: Andy Juett, Jake Becker, and Natalia Kvalem. We play 4 games of American Football and each game only gets better (as we are learning the rules thanks to Pysher in the Blimp).

Last Week, Jay and Andy started the show with a heated battle playing two teams no one can remember. It ended with Jay dominating the world with his team of Patriots. Can jay continue his reign at the top? Can Roger keep his voice from breaking? Does Jeremy get to play videogames? The Answers to these and more in these episode of Jay and Roger and Jeremy Play Videogames..

Highlights of the show:


Stealers QB taken out of the game for rape

Dobbs sucks!

Natalia FTW

Streamed at the Sexpot Studios every other Tuesday at 8pm MTN!

“Video Games.” is a web-series following two stand-up comedians, Roger Norquist and Jay Gillespie, as they attempt to play 1000 video games!

NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, and more! Join us and play! It will be an epic journey of non-tangible rewards IRL but the rewards in game shall be great. So great our digital backs are going to hurt and we may get addicted to some Med-X.

Until we game again.

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