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Nerd Nite 9: The Science of Superheroes, Matchmaking, & Theremins Gallery

Nerd Nite 9 included:

Why You’re Afraid of Science and Technology, as Explained by the Avengers

by Kyle MunKittrick

How are our collective hopes and fears about science and technology demonstrated in the characteristics of each Avenger? You might be surprised to find out!

Speaker creds: NYU educated bioethicist Kyle Munkittrick works by day to revolutionize health care, by night he a can be found oversharing his opinions and over analyzing science, philosophy, and culture on twitter @popbioethics. His longer writing can be found on Discover Magazine, Slate, and io9.

Love in an Algorithm

by Danita Walton

You can’t turn a television on without being bombarded with ads about 28 point compatibly systems and proclamations about the most marriages made. Many single Americans have tried it, and most have failed. So does matchmaking (whether online or off) work? If it does, how? Is it possible to distill the intangible (attraction, chemistry, “the spark”) into an algorithm? Danita, a professional matchmaker, breaks down the reality of matchmaking and helps you increase your odds of finding a healthy romantic partnership.

Speaker creds: As Head Matchmaker of The Love Lab, a boutique matchmaking firm based in Denver, it is Danita’s priority to find her clients that special someone. Based on data gathered over three years of research with dozens of successfully married couples, Danita developed her own matching system and now teaches individuals the principles of finding their own rock solid foundation within in relationship.

A Century of Electronic Music

by Victoria Lundy

The theremin was invented by a young Russian physicist named Lev Sergevich Termen (known in the West as Léon Theremin) in October 1920. It’s a electronically straightforward but musically difficult instrument, and it influenced everything that came after it. We’ll take a look at these early electronic instruments and see how we’ve come back to the theremin after it almost disappeared in the 20th century, only to experience a renaissance in the 21st. Victoria will demonstrate the basic principles of playing the instrument, give a short lesson, and play a few pieces demonstrating its versatility.

Speaker creds: Victoria Lundy has been playing theremin in the Denver experimental/underground/punk scene since the 90s. She was a member of the avant garde Carbon Dioxide Orchestra, who opened for the legendary Silver Apples in 1997; is a founding member of Denver’s acclaimed nerd rock band The Inactivists and has appeared all of their 6 CDs and EP, and as a guest player live and in recordings with other local artists. She also was a member of Jackson Induced Mutant Laboratory and performed with them at the 2011 Denver Noise Festival and at the 2013 Denver Post Underground Music Showcase with ambient project Pythian Whispers. Victoria has appeared at many venues in Denver as well as Boulder’s Dairy Center for the Performing Arts, and demonstrated the theremin at the World Science Fiction Convention. In the last year she’s participated in a series of musique concréte performances at the Walnut Room and DU Lamont School of Music, and concentrating on solo ambient work that explores the expressive qualities of the theremin.

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