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The Narrators Ep. 150: Stephen Brackett, “Your Light”

Alright folks, we’ve almost made it, just a few days left. The horror and joy that was 2017 is in the bag and we’ve got a fresh year to project all of our hopes, anxieties and promises upon—here’s hoping the good bits stick.

Today’s story comes from one of our favorite humans, Stephen Brackett. He’s the emcee of the Denver band the Flobots, co-founder of Youth on Record and in our opinion, an all-around great guy. This story was recorded live on 18 October 2017 at Buntport Theater in Denver, Colorado. The theme of the evening was “In the Dark.”

Our San Diego show is taking a break in January, so our first show of 2018 will be right here in Denver on Wednesday, 17 January at Buntport Theater. The theme will be “Big Shot.”

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