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The Narrators Ep. 133: Alfredo Araujo – “Making It Last”

When we planned on doing a show in Tijuana to celebrate the one year anniversary of the dance studio/community space Huerto, we knew we wanted to highlight trans-border culture by letting the storytellers present in whatever language they felt most comfortable speaking in. We ended up having half of the stories told in Spanish—and something remarkable happened. Even though the storytellers and the audience didn’t necessarily speak the same language, all of the elements of a Narrators show were there, from the reactions of the audience to the storytellers as they moved through their narratives, the clear development of trust and warmth that happens between the storyteller and the people listening, the intent and the focus of the space on sharing and being shared with. It’s where the magic of the show resides and it was a true delight to experience it outside of the boundaries of language. It had us excited about the prospect of hosting more shows in México and we plan on doing just that—so stay tuned.

Por ahora, disfruten de la primera historia que publicamos en el podcast en español, contada por Alfredo Araujo, escritor de Tijuana. Esta historia fue grabada en vivo en Huerto en Tijuana, Baja California el 27 de junio. El tema de la velada fue “Hacer Que Dure.”

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