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The Narrators: Ep. 128: Taylor Gonda – “Oops, I Flirted Again”

Today’s story comes from one of The Narrators’ favorite storytellers, Taylor Gonda. Taylor is a podcast host, DJ, Denver icon and, sadly for all of us in Colorado, a soon-to-be resident of Los Angeles. California, please take care of our good friend. Taylor’s story of awkward infatuation was recorded live on 17 May 2017 at Buntport Theater in Denver, Colorado. The theme of the evening was “Fashion Victim.”

Side note: During Taylor’s story, she shows a photo to the audience—and here it is:

Our next shows will take place Tuesday, 13 June at the Tiger! Tiger! Tavern in San Diego and Wednesday, 21 June at the Buntport Theater in Denver. The theme will be “Road Trip.”


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