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The Narrators Ep. 115: Breeann Kirby – “Sunsets Matter”

Today’s story is about control—the anxiety of knowing when to take it, and the grace required to let it go. This story was told by Breeann Kirby live on 14 February 2017 at Tiger! Tiger! Tavern in San Diego. The theme of the evening was “Red-Handed.”

Our next two shows are on 14 March in San Diego and 15 March in Denver. Our 7th anniversary show next Wednesday in Denver starts at 7pm, rather than our usual 8pm, so please arrive an hour earlier to enjoy the star lineup, packed with some of our all-time favorite storytellers. The theme will be “Popular.” See you there!

We still have a few screen-printed posters from our friend and artist Michael King, but they’re going fast so pick one up at either live show next month. They’ll set you back 15 bucks if you pay cash, 20 if you use Venmo or a credit card.


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