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My Dining Room Table Ep. 57: Kevin O’Brien


The last Sunday of every month Kevin O’Brien runs a show called Arguments and Grievances at Vine Street Pub and Brewery. It’s one of the best shows in Denver. Comics consistently turn in some of the most inventive performances you’ll ever see them do at that show. Seriously, over-the-top, balls-to-the-wall performances. And I’ve always wondered why? The pay is relatively little – a few beers here, a few bucks if you’re a heavy hitter – so why do comics try so fucking hard at that show, consistently dressing up, humiliating themselves, and writing large swaths of new material? Maybe it’s because comics are competitive people by nature; or maybe it’s because comics are tired of throwing fastballs down the middle of the plate and the show gives them an opportunity to think outside the bun, but still – the lengths comics will go at Arguments and Grievances seems disproportionate to the pay-off. And I think a big part of that has to do with Kevin O’Brien. I think comics just want Kevin to like them.

Because as a personality Kevin O’Brien has somehow manged to fashion himself as both the older brother who turns you onto cool music as well as the little brother who obsesses over it. It’s an impressive feat and I think people are drawn to that personality. Because simply put, he’s just a cool guy. There I said it. Put it on your bio, Ole Kev!

“Cool Guy” – Adam Cayton-Holland.

But it’s true! How do I know it’s true? Because I’m a cool guy.

Oh! Almost forgot! Another thing I have in common with Kevin O’Brien is that we’re both pretentious.

But at least we’re fucking aware of it.

I liked Kevin the first time I ever met him and I’m generally not wrong about these things. It’s part of the burden of being pretentious and cool. So it’s been a lot of fun to watch him figure out comedy and really blossom into the funny comic and pervasive personality that he has become. From his comedy to his podcast to his hosting to his story-telling to his emo-DJing to his occasionally losing his fucking shit on an audience member hinting at a deep, deep reserve of inner rage, I enjoy what Kevin O’Brien does. More than anything, I love talking with the guy. He’s one of the best conversationalists I know. So enjoy this podcast I did with him. We recorded it at ye olde Dining Room Table itself – a nice return to form from having been away from my home for so long.

Kevin wanted you to watch “Honey” by Maria Carey. Add that to the list of things I like about KOB.


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