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My Dining Room Table Ep. 56: Nick Nunns


Often something insipid like the following will trickle out of my mouth: “Yeah, in Colorado, beer is like a total culture! There’s, like, a legit beer scene going on and stuff! It’s pretty impressive.” Then, inevitably, the person that I’m talking too will have follow-up questions like, “Oh yeah, how’s that?” And then I mutter something about tasting rooms, and IPA’s and like, how it’s so popular and stuff. Then they walk away disappointed. Often they’ll spit or hiss at me too. It’s quite rude of them. And hostile.

But I get it.

Because while I know the sentiment behind my statement is sound, my expertise is far from it. My heart is in the right place, but my PR work lacks efficacy. What a relief then to get someone on the podcast who knows what the fuck they’re talking about when it comes to beer. Now, when I want to talk a big craft-beer game, I can just point to this episode and say, “I may not really know what I’m talking about, but my man Nick Nunns does – so listen to the episode of my podcast I did with him.” Then, hopefully, that person will immediately excuse themselves from our conversation to go listen to an hour long podcast and realize that I’m not as ignorant as they think I am. Or, at least, Nick Nunns isn’t.

Yes, it’s that Nick Nunns. The man behind TRVE Brewing, the beloved sponsor of this very podcast and my favorite craft-brewery in the world. Yes the same TRVE brewery behind all the cool art and satanic iconography like this:


From the very first time I went to TRVE I was in love with the place and once I started sampling their wares with a little consistency – especially those sours that sing their siren song all the way down my throat – I knew I had found my favorite bar. I try to go to TRVE whenever I’m home. I tell beer-snobs about TRVE. I send people visiting Denver there. And not just because they sponsor my podcast. Because I love them. That’s why I asked them to sponsor my podcast. It wasn’t the other way around. And when I did Nick was like, “Yeah, why not?” And then I fell in love with TRVE even more. So I asked Nick, on the spot, straight the fuck up, “Will you be my dad?” And he was like, “Too far, Adam, too far.”

But he did agree to be my buddy. And I’ll take it. So sit back and crack a TRVE beer if you got it, then listen to me and my buddy Nick talk about the amazing craft-beer scene exploding in our fair city, our fair state, indeed all over the country right now. And be happy that someone who is not only immersed in it, but in fact, deeply influencing it – though he’d never take credit for it – is sitting down at the Dining Room Table. Someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Then watch Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Because Nick wanted you to.


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