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My Dining Room Table Ep. 54: Nathaniel Rateliff

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I’ve been trying to get Nathaniel Rateliff on my podcast forever. And by forever, I mean since the podcast began. Which was almost exactly two years ago. Which is forever given modern-day attention spans. So forever.

Okay. I’m done qualifying my previous statement.

But unfortunately Nathaniel’s never been able to do the podcast.

“Shoot! Not in town, then,” his text will typically read in reply to my request. “Another time!”

That’s been our game for two years now. That’s how in demand Nathaniel is. He is constantly traveling. Constantly performing. Constantly earning amazing accolades, news of which trickles back to Denver, and every time I’m blown away by it.

Robert Plant said what about Nathaniel Rateliff? Nathaniel performed with Elvis Costello where?

Not that these feats surprised me – Nathaniel is one of the most talented singer-songwriters I’ve ever met in person – but I was always floored that these accolades were being accomplished by the dude that lived down the street. The guy who I run into at the Hi Dive. The guy who I used to watch fronting “Born in the Flood.” It’s always astonished me that this guy has this amazing career and yet still chooses to call the red brick of our Baker neighborhood home, to make his way in the world out of our fair little Denver.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for awhile now. And something I find myself talking about quite often, more now than ever before. Who knew just trying to make art from your backyard could become such an ethos? Well, Nathaniel does, for one. So what a delight to finally get Nathaniel to make his way over to My Dining Room Table for a good old fashioned chat. If you’re a fan of Nathaniel, I think you’ll really enjoy this talk. If you’ve never heard of him, meet your new favorite musician.

Nathaniel wanted you to watch this video. It rules.


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