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Joke and Destroy Episode 33 with John Davis

Boom, boom, boom, lemme hear you say heyo… Anyone? Crazy lady in the apartment downwstairs, can I hear you say “Heyo?” Well alright, it’s Joke and Destroy Episode 33 with Denver comedian John Davis. Somehow, John is actually a native of Colorado and Andres and Pysh learn all about rolling around the mountains chasing Insane Clown Posse, The Fray, and The Lumineers.

Catch more of Mr. Davis, every Thursday, on As The Rhyme Goes On podcast. ATRGO is Denver Comedians John Davis and Nolawee Mengist (along with any other guests they can grab) talking about current albums or controversies within rap music.(Their own words). Plus you can catch John at WestFax Brewing, the 3rd Saturday of every month, NEXT SHOW DECEMBER 16TH! WestFax is right next to Colorado icon Casa Bonita, so float down the River de Queso
and then head next door for some delicious brews and tight comedy.

If you want to catch the Dingus Bros performing standup in Denver soon. Every Sunday at 7 PM, come hang out with the other cool cats at Gerard’s Pool Hall for a comedy style open mic, hosted by Jeremy Pysher! Catch Andres at Ratio Beerworks tonight, and every other 3rd Wednesday, and watch the kid host Ratio Comedy: New Blood, featuring the best of the local talent in Colorado.

We also just released our first sketch! Joke and Destroy was part of the Phone It In Film Festival last week, put on by former guest and Joke and Destroy Zac Maas! Check out the JnD sketch here!

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