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Joke and Destroy Episode 26 with Jay Gillespie

This week the boys strap on helmets, get into helicopters, and take tricycles down Mount Everest with Jay Gillespie! Joke and Destroy Episode 26 has it all, conspiracy talk, the secret life of Jay, and twenty first century swindling. Andres and Pysher were super excited to have Jay on the podcast, and Jay definitely delivered. This episode weaves in between weird, almost insane rants, into the world of Jay’s musical history and more weird rants.

If you want to see more of Jay, there are plenty of ways of doing it. Check out Jay and Roger play Videogames! on YouTube, as well as catch Videogames. Live! every other Tuesday on Twitch, next edition November 7th at 8PM. Look down in the corner of the live stream to find a Joke and Destroy friend. Where can we find more of Jay on the internet Pysher? I’m glad you asked, check out Jay’s website at More? Sure. You can check out Ultra Sex Laser’s music on SoundCloud, I recommend Slaughterhouse. Jay is always doing weird, amazing projects, here is his most recent, where Jay coerced some of the best comics in the world, and me to read the poem Howl, by Alan Ginsberg, line by line at the High Plains Comedy Festival. Howl Plains!

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Want to catch the dingus bros do standup? You can catch Pysher at Shanytown #6, the traveling house party show he cohosts with Meghan Deponceau. This time around the party will feature comedians Jose Macall, Cody Spyker, William Montgomery, Patrick Richardson, Brett Hiker, and headliner AJ Finney. Before we get noise complaints, check out the band Paul Ski and the James Joyce Letters. Hit up Pysher, or the Joke and Destroy twitter for the party address.

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