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Joke and Destroy Episode 23 with Jason Melton and Harris Alterman

These boys can ride their bikes with no handle bars, and this week Pysher(@jeremypysher) and Andres(@andresofbase) rode their bikes with comedians Jason Melton and Harris Alterman! Jason joins us from Chicago, and took time from his tour to hang out and bring you the truth behind raising babies when they slide up to your house after floods. You can find more of Jason on the internet! Check out Melton’s weekly newsletter here(, and keep up to date with his ramblings, as well as his upcoming shows. If you don’t want to click on that link, and are still reading this, see Jason every other Saturday for Yeah Buddy Awesome Time, a show he runs with frenemy of the show Dave Losso. Even though Losso is there, go check out YBAT on Saturday, Oct 14th, 28th, and two weeks later for the rest of time at Bru Chicago, in Chicago oddly enough, at 8 PM. If you live in Denver, you need to check out Harris Alterman(@HarrisAlterman). If you catch this the day it drops(October 4), go see Harris at Comedy Works, in downtown Denver for the 2017 New Faces Finals. (EDITED: WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT HARRIS WON! CONGRATULATIONS HARRIS!) Harris has shattered his way through the rest of Denver comedy(including Pysher and Andres) to reach the finals, go support him today! You can also check out Harris as apart of the Middlename sketch group

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