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Joke and Destroy Ep 20 with Roger Stafford and Kacy Dahl

We finally have as many episodes as most people have fingers and toes, and that’s a big deal for us at the ol’ J&D podcast. To celebrate episode twenty we brought in two people with 22+ digits. This week Pysher and Andres are joined by Denver comedians Roger Stafford(has never used social media), and Kacy Dahl(@kacydahl). You can see more of Roger, the second Friday of the month, at Bear Creek Distillery in Denver, where he cohosts a show with former guest Grayson Nite. You can catch the next edition of Shennigans, October 13th, at 8 PM, with headliner Aaron Urist! You can find Kacy at Ratio Beerworks, on October 4th, at 8 PM, when she is taking over the Dirty Laundry Dating Game. As well if you’re in the Fort Collins check out Kacy at the Colorado Room, October 5th. This week we find out Roger’s love for corn dogs, we reminisce about AIM, Kacy tries not to fall back into her mob roots, Roger breaks some records, Kacy spends most of prom naked, and we all try not to OJ. Check out this episode and remember, you can always get out of any situation by pulling the lever under the table.

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