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Jay and Roger Play Mario Kart 8

Jay and Roger Play Mario Kart! w/ Laura and Katie!

Mario Kart Time!

Episode Three!

The Third One! Roger, Jay, and Jeremy have invited a few friends over and decided to play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (has anyone bought a non-deluxe version of the game?). This episode centers around the glory that is the new Mario Kart. Karts! Cars! Motorcycles! All with flying attachments! This game was everyone first play of the game and it honestly blew all of us away. At the end of the stream we realized how much time had passed and decided to play for another hour…. you know because it was that good!

Guest are Laura Lyons, Katie Bowman, Carlos Madrid, Brent Gill, Andy Juett, and Jake Becker!

We are going big for season 4! You can watch us here, watch the live play-throughs on Twitch, and join us live if you are in Denver for our monthly Video Game Tournament! $5 entry gets you all the Shasta you can drink, all the snacks you an eat, and a spot in the Tournament. We also got Door prizes just for stopping by! Head down to Mutiny Information Cafe 3rd Wednesday of the month as we take over a book store and play Video Games!

Make sure you check out everything else on Sexpot Comedy! We are here to make you laugh and provide the best comedy in the mountain region.



It’s time for Video games!

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