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J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol Part 1

J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol

J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol

Here it is! J.E. Tucker’s A Christmas Carol! The first part, anyway. We here at J.E. Industries made something special this year and instead of a short sing-a-long, we did something epic. Additionally, we fixed Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. However, have you ever said, “this classic could use more leather?” We added all the leather! Have you ever said, “this classic could use more stew and liquor?” We added so much stew and way too much liquor! Have you ever said, “this classic has no spurs?” We put everyone in boots!

This is the start of Season 2.

Additionally, this is the beginning of Season 2 transitioning us from Genesis into Exodus! The world has been created and the Joish people have entered Australia. Coming up, as we all known, the Judgely showdown between Moses and her brother, The Governor.  We got all the fun and Judge you need to feel wholesome on the ranged.

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Seriously though, thank you. We would not be entering Season 2 if people like you were not still listening to the last season. We promise to do everything we can to increase the quality of the show, both content and audio quality. You have many shows you could be listening to and you have choose us. For that we say, Thank You!


J.E. Tucker and Clarence

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