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Infauxmation Ep 16 | Justine Marino

This week we sit down with a good friend of the show, Justine Marino, to talk about the most important news that wasn’t important enough to make big headlines! Our news starts at 19:52 in where we discuss the motorist who got ticketed for singing too loudly in their car, the California restaurant that proudly serves re-heated Popeye’s chicken, and Woody Allen’s new film with a drop in by our special guest Holden P. Stanton Esquire III, Esq. Legal council to Allen’s sister and producer, Letty Aronson. Check out the stories below, and be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting app. Follow us online @infauxnews and and send us your stories if you got ‘em! Big thanks to our sponsors at Sexpot Comedy for helping us get the word out! They support us, so go support them, check out all of their original content at

On an unrelated note, Chris Charpentier is hilarious.

Canadian Motorists:

California Restaurant and Popeyes Chicken

Woody Allen’s new film:

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