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Half Hour Prophecy: I’M OUT OF SLIM JIMS, DIANNE

Slim Jims are an American brand of jerky snacks or dried sausages sold globally and manufactured by ConAgra Foods. They are widely available and popular in the United States, with 2015 revenues of $575 million. About 500 million are produced annually in at least 21 varieties.

The Slim Jim was first invented by Adolph Levis in 1929 in Philadelphia, although he and his partner subsequently hired a meatpacker to develop the product for production in the 1940s. He later sold the company in 1967 for about $20 million to General Mills,[3] who moved the operations to RaleighNorth Carolina, and merged them into other meatpacking operations that it renamed Goodmark Foods. He sold Goodmark in 1982 to a group led by Ron Doggett. ConAgra bought Goodmark in 1998.

The product Levis created is different from the one produced since the 1990s, with Lon Adams developing the current Slim Jim recipe while working for Goodmark. Slim Jim is an example of a food product which is listed as containing mechanically separated chicken in its ingredients by requirement of the USDA.

Production was interrupted after an explosion and fire on June 9, 2009, destroyed the packaging operations of the formerly sole Garner, North Carolina, manufacturing facility, but has since resumed there and in Troy, Ohio. On May 20, 2011, the facility in Garner closed, the same day that the company´s former spokesman “Macho Man” Randy Savage died.

A 2009 Wired article listed some of the ingredients as beef, mechanically separated chicken, lactic acid starter culture, dextrose, salt, sodium nitrite and hydrolyzed soy. They note that although ConAgra refers to Slim Jim as a “meat stick”, it resembles a fermented sausage, such as salami or pepperoni, which uses bacteria and sugar to produce lactic acid, lowering the pH of the sausage to around 5.0 and firming up the meat.

Sodium nitrite is added to prevent the meat from turning gray, and hydrolyzed soy contains monosodium glutamate.

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“There was a word for what he was that nice people didn’t say except in the dirtiest jokes. He knew. Always had. There was no need for more of him. His life was a gross testament to cowardice and repugnance.”


Sam Tallent’s Half Hour Prophecy Ep. 34: I’M OUT OF SLIM JIMS, DIANNE

Be Holdin too much girthSam Tallent is a comedian and writer from Denver, Colorado. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and dog. His interests include Southern Gothic fiction and the “death” of Elvis Presley. He enjoys slow simmered suppers and writing in the third person.sexpot_logo

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