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Four Sexpot Shows in Westword’s 10 Best Local Comedy Shows

By Byron Graham of Westword

The landscape of the Denver comedy scene is constantly changing. Comedians move away, venues change or close down, neighborhoods gentrify and audiences dissipate. Ephemerality is simply the cost of doing business in a field that offers precious little security, economic and otherwise. Even so, this past year witnessed a solid lineup of local showcases that deserve to stick around for a long time. Here are our ten top regular comedy shows, all produced by local comedians, that made 2015 a banner year for boner jokes — and give us high hopes for 2016.


8. The Boulder Comedy Show
Every Sunday at 7 p.m.
The Bohemian Biergarten

Boulder’s comedy needs have historically gone unmet, giving the college town a somewhat unfair reputation for proprietary humorlessness. But Comedy Works regular Brent Gill, a proudly cash-eyed CU alumnus, disproves this glib assumption week after week, bringing in a cavalcade of hot crowds and oddly shaped comedians to make the Bohemian Biergarten roar with laughter. Choose from a wide variety of local and imported brews while Gill and a hand-selected crew of jokeswains deliver their best new material. If the high number of repeat visitors is any indication, the Boulder Comedy Show has some new delights to offer its audiences each week.

Check the Boulder Comedy Show Facebook page for updates.


 5. Something Fabulous
Every third Saturday at 8:30 p.m.
Blush & Blu

The relationship between comedy and burlesque is as old as the art form itself. The medium of standup was born from the flop sweat of vaudeville entertainers frantically reciting one-liners to hold the attention of horned-up audiences between saucy dance routines — and Jordan Wieleba is keeping the tradition alive with Something Fabulous, an old-time variety show with a decidedly 21st-century LGBT-friendly outlook. Wieleba and co-producer Cherry Pop Pop Poppins work hard to foster a supportive sex-positive atmosphere while keeping the laughs rolling, succeeding month after month with this tittering and titillating hybrid showcase.

Check the Something Fabulous Facebook page for updates.


4. Too Much Fun!
Every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m.
The Deer Pile

The Fine Gentleman’s Club may have lost a member and seen its spinoff showcase, Tickle Monster, canceled before it had the chance to gain a foothold, but its weekly Too Much Fun! showcase hasn’t missed a step, and repeatedly earns its Best of Denver Best Free Comedy Show honors. Bobby Crane, Sam Tallent and Nathan Lund still never charge admission for a showcase that rivals any ticket in town. And despite such highlights as Dave Ross’s album recording or the infamous surprise drop-in from Dave Chappelle, the real draws for Too Much Fun’s loyal crowd of well-coiffured comedy nerds are the singular charms of the Gents themselves.

The Fine Gentleman’s Club is inconsistent with online promotion, so just show up at the Deer Pile around 10:15: The Fine Gents rarely cancel.


(Photo Courtesy of Geoff Decker and Hidden Vision Photography)

1. Lucha Libre & Laughs
Once a month at 7 p.m. Sunday
The Oriental Theater

When Westword evangelizes on behalf of an event as vociferously as we have for Lucha Libre & Laughs, it’s only because when something as weird and wonderful as Lucha Libre & Laughs exists in our city, we’re duty-bound to alert the masses. If you live in Denver and have never attended this delightful blend of wisecracks and hip attacks, you are officially blowing it.

Check theLucha Libre & Laughs Facebook page for updates.

Check out the full list here

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