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Joke and Destroy Ep. 29 w/ Meghan Deponceau

This week Pysher and Andres hopped on their bikes, and climbed up the Capitol Hill to hang out with Meghan DePonceau! Meghan is a Denver comedian, that is constantly on the road. She joined us fresh off a two week tour through the south. When she’s not touring, you can catch Meghan on the first Wednesday of the month, at Infinite Monkey Wine Theorum for her show UnCorked, next one is December 6 at 8PM! Check out all the fun Meghan is having on Instagram and Twitter, at @meghanisajoke!

Andres just got back to Denver too! Andy joins off fresh off his rocking showing at the Fly Over Comedy Festival in St Louis. BUT HE DIDN”T HAVE WHITE CASTLE! EMAIL/TWEET/GRAM AT US WITH PUNISHMENTS FOR THE BECERRIL KID WHO LIED TO US ALL!

If you want to catch the Dingus Bros performing standup in Denver soon. Every Sunday at 10 PM, come hang out with the other cool cats at Gerard’s Pool Hall for a comedy style open mic, hosted by Jeremy Pysher! Catch Andres at Ratio Beerworks tonight, and every other 3rd Wednesday, and watch the kid host Ratio Comedy: New Blood, featuring the best of the local talent in Colorado.

We also just released our first sketch! Joke and Destroy was part of the Phone It In Film Festival last week, put on by former guest and Joke and Destroy Zac Maas! Check out the JnD sketch here! This sketch is so good, that it was shot by Meghan herself.

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