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Empty Girlfriend Ep. 82: Matthew Blood-Smyth

matthew-blood-smythThis week we have the wonderful/amazing/sensual Matthew Blood-Smyth! He’s an old friend of ours and the majority of our previous guests, and we got into the NASTIEST of nasties in this episode. We discuss what you should do when your partner can’t sleep in the same bed as you, what it’s like to love in a murdery way, love languages in different languages, exploring Polyamory and Matthew delivers the heartiest obscure sexual fantasy yet. He’s in Wide Eyed Productions show, “theMumblings,” a dark comedy by Dan Kitrosser, directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann, playing until October 8th! Matthew’s one of the most talented actors we know, and one of the sexiest voices we’ve had on the Podcast yet. Enjoy this sweet, sexy baby listeners!

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