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Denverite: Social Use Initiative Final Talks Before Implementation

Backers of I-300 want fewer rules for when and where you can use pot in public

By Adrian D. Garcia of Denverite

The group that successfully asked Denver during the November election to OK using marijuana in yoga studios, restaurants and other businesses said Thursday it’s unhappy with how Initiative 300 is on pace to roll out.

Backers of I-300 sent a letter to Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses on Thursday calling some of the agency’s draft rules for I-300’s implementation “unnecessary and overly burdensome” for businesses. The department plans to finalize the rules in coming weeks so businesses could start allowing social cannabis consumption as early as this summer.

A public hearing on the rules is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. June 13 at the Webb Municipal Office Building. Those who cannot or do not want to attend can also comment on the rules online.

Thirteen issues were raised by those from the campaign for I-300 in their letter to the city. They boil down to allowing businesses that sell alcohol to also allow cannabis use on the premises as long as patrons aren’t consuming them at the same time in the same area, taking another look at where social consumption areas can be located and not making the areas overly difficult for adults to get into.

Read the full article Backers of I-300 want fewer rules for when and where you can use pot in public by clicking here.

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