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“Video Games.” is a web-series following two stand-up comedians, Roger Norquist and Jay Gillespie, as they attempt to play 1000 video games! NES, SEGA, Intellivision, and so many more systems! Let’s play!

Video Games Ep. 123: Jet Moto (Playstation)

This week Jay and Roger play the play-station and a little game known as Jet Moto. In the future humankind, as people battle for survival, the sport of Jet Skiing as evolved. Using the destroyed infrastructure of the world’s greatest nations, a small group of extreme sport enthusiasts will be taking back the world. Powered […]

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Video Games Ep. 121: Porky’s the Video Game

Jay and Roger are pulling out all the stops; including full frontal nudity (do not worry none of us are naked). To start, roger attempts to break the world record for holding his breath. Some real Benny Hill shit. Join us on this bizarre tale of American Sexual Conquest from a time when sexual harassment […]

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KGNU’s Morning Magazine Interviews Jay Gillespie About His Marijuana Charges in Texas

Hosted by Maeve Conran of KGNU Community Radio Denver stand up comedian Jay Gillespie is a medical marijuana card holder. He says he was first prescribed marijuana for knee pain 3 years ago. He says it also helps with his bi-polar. As a touring stand up comedian he drives around the country and he brings […]

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Free Gillespie w/ Ryan and Jules Fechter

Comic Jay Gillespie on His Felony Possession Charge in Texas, MMJ and Ultra Sex Laser

by Byron Graham As many Coloradans know all too well, law enforcement agents of this country’s less-enlightened states deliberately and systemically profile Colorado drivers in an attempt to bust them with legal weed. On June 13, beloved Denver comedian Jay Gillespie found himself targeted in Childress, Texas, where a routine traffic stop led to a […]

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