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“Video Games.” is a web-series following two stand-up comedians, Roger Norquist and Jay Gillespie, as they attempt to play 1000 video games! NES, SEGA, Intellivision, and so many more systems! Let’s play!

“Howl” Plains Comedy Festival by Jay Gillespie

Filmed at Denver’s “High Plains Comedy Festival 2017” this film features comedians from all over the country reading the poem “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg in it’s entirety. The director, Jay Gillespie, when asked why he would do such a project responded, “I don’t know what comedy or art is anymore.” Featuring appearances from Eddie Peptone, […]

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Video Games Ep. 130: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Playstation)

Jay and Roger Play Videogames! This episode Jay and Roger bring on the trivia games! So much knowledge is inside of this bad boy that your head is going to explode, from the seams that keep all humans together, with trivial facts and laughter! Join us here at Videogames! Powered y Sexpot Comedy

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Video Games Ep. 125: Night Driver (Atari) w/ Nate Blading

You ever drive at night before? Jay and Roger have. Does that make them the best? Yes is does. The Atari’s Night Driver: The player controls a car which must be driven along a road at nighttime without crashing into the sides of the road as indicated by road side reflectors. The game is controlled […]

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Video Games Episode 124: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

We are doing this for the once great king of pop music! Our hero, Michael Jackson, must sve the children from the evil Mr. Big. Using his only weapon, dance, Jackson fights through level upon level of stiff-bodied enemies until he comes to his final goal… The Children. Watch this and more at one place…

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Video Games Ep. 123: Jet Moto (Playstation)

This week Jay and Roger play the play-station and a little game known as Jet Moto. In the future humankind, as people battle for survival, the sport of Jet Skiing as evolved. Using the destroyed infrastructure of the world’s greatest nations, a small group of extreme sport enthusiasts will be taking back the world. Powered […]

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