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LIVE STREAM: Designated Drunkard at Comedy RoomRoom 7/1/17

Sexpot Comedy Presents Designated Drunkard: A Comedy Drinking Game hosted by Byron F. Graham and Caitie Hannan! The lineup includes Bay Area comedians, Allison Mick and Aviva Siegel alongside local favorites Olivia Schyling, Jacob Rupp, Zeke Herrera and Harris Alterman PLUS headliner Aaron Urist!  

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LIVE STREAM: Nerd Roast of Batman at Comedy RoomRoom 6/30/17

The Nerd Roast of Batman Hosted by Zach Reinert and Preston Tompkins featuring Stephen Smith, Aviva Siegel, Allison Mick, Cory Helie, Zach Welch, David Rodriguez, Nathan B Earl, Cody Spyker, Roger Stafford, Rachel Weeks and Deacon Gray! Part 1 Part 2 Recorded and Filmed by Sara Hake & Wally Wallace

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LIVE STREAM: Weeding Out The Stoned at Buntport Theater 5/22/17

Weeding Out the Stoned Sixteen comedians enter. All but one of them are stoned. It’s up to all of us to find the sober individual so the entire audience can win prizes! Officer Alex Grubard administers field sobriety tests, takes audience testimony, and asks trivia questions of Colorado’s premier drug-induced comics as we all seek […]

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