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Infauxmation! is a comedy show featuring a panel of comedians discussing the lighter side of the news. Join host Brent Gill, a panel of Comedy Works regulars, and an occasional historical guest as they analyze the week’s headlines, riff on their favorite stories of the week, and pretend to know more than they do. The show culminates with a ‘Headline Story’ battle between the comedians to determine who headlines the stand-up showcase at the end of the show.

Like the news but hate the negativity? Tired of being bombarded by stories about death, destruction, and disease? Ever read a headline and think, Is that a real news story? Then this show is right up your alley. From Christian body building swingers to Russian fish with human teeth, Infauxmation! is your go-to source for the not-quite news. Come laugh with four funny friends joking their way through some of humanities more ridiculous moments.

Infauxmation! The show that brings some of Denver’s best comedic minds together to “debate” the stories that you might have missed.

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Nicholas Cage fights Vince Neil on Las Vegas Strip | Infauxmation!

Actor Nic Cage got into a fight with Motley Crue’s Vince Neil after a fan asked Cage for an autograph. Join host Brent Gill and panelists Steve McGrew, Christie Buchele, Nathan Lund, and guest Vince Neil (Zac Maas) as they get to the bottom of this mess. Recorded live at Comedy Works Downtown on 4/18/16.

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Louisiana Cops Can Drink on the Job | Infauxmation!

Featuring comedians Steve McGrew, Christie Buchele, and Nathan Lund. Recorded live at the Comedy Works Downtown on 4/18/16. (One camera angle failed during the recording.) In Bossier City, LA, a new policy makes it possible for public service workers including police, paramedics, and firefighters to have up to a .04 BAC while on the job. […]

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Ted Cruz (not) for President | Infauxmation!

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz could use some help with his campaign. So he reached out to the Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for some help. Join comedians Brent Gill, Andy Sandford, Sam Tallent, and Nathan Lund as riff on this weird presidential/celebrity pairing. Recorded LIVE at The Creek and the Cave in New York City on […]

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Sexpot is hitting the road!

Sexpot Comedy is doing a string of shows with Uncalled Four and Infauxmation across the East Coast! Here’s where you can find us: 4/22: Washington DC – National Cannabis Festival, Sexpot Showcase at Busboys & Poets Andy Juett Jim Hickox Sean Savoy Brent Gill Jamel Johnson Jason Weems 4/23: Pottsville, PA – Standup Showcase at […]

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AMC Theaters discriminate against the blind | Infauxmation! at Comedy Works

Denver’s best new comedy show, Infauxmation! is back riffing on the new lawsuit against the AMC Theaters. Apparently, the theater chain is discriminating against blind moviegoers. Featuring comedians Brent Gill, Aaron Urist, Nathan Lund and Janae Burris and recorded live at Comedy Works South on 3/8/16.

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Infauxmation! and Late Night at the Bug in Westword’s Best Comedy Events for March

by Byron Graham of Westword As the Ides of March approach, Denverites continue to enjoy a bounty of comedy shows: Classicists, alternative comedy purists and locavores alike will all find entertainment suited to their tastes. Whether you consult a Gregorian or Julian calendar, you’ll find plenty to keep Denver laughing from Nones to Kalends this month. […]

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Wheelchair DUI | Infauxmation!

A man in Florida gets arrested and charged with a DUI after being arrested while driving his motorized wheelchair on a public bridge. Featuring comedians Hippieman, Jordan Doll, Sam Tallent, Aaron Urist and hosted by Brent Gill Check out Infauxmation! live at the Comedy Works in Denver and The Creek and the Cave in New […]

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Kansas School Gives Blind Child Pool Noodle Instead of Cane | Infauxmation!

An elementary school in Kansas takes away 8yr blind child’s cane to “teach him a lesson.” They then gave him a pool noodle instead. Featuring comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl, Sam Tallent, and Brent Gill Next live recording of Infauxmation @ Comedy Works South 3/8/16

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