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GLENN HAS IDEA$ featured on Comedy Cake

by Deborah Thomasian From that crazy band of Denver misfits, Sexpot Comedy, comes GLENN HAS IDEA$. What ideas does he have exactly? Well, logistics employee Glenn (played by Andy Juett), is constantly concocting hair-brained and very unapproved schemes much to his boss Rick’s (played by Andrew Orvedahl) objection. They include spending the company’s money, making […]

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Meet the guest stars of GLENN HAS IDEA$ in the 2nd Official Trailer

Glenn Has Idea$ is a brand new Sexpot Comedy webseries starring Andy Juett and Andrew Orvedahl. Starting August 3rd, you’ll get three episodes per week (Mon, Tues, Wed) at Crew : Executive Producers – Andy Juett and Andrew Orvedahl Producers – Matty OʼConnor and Andrew Bueno, Directors – Matty OʼConnor and Andrew Bueno Sound […]

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Nerdom: Glenn Has Idea$ Trailer Debuts for Sexpot Comedy

by Zach Eastman The thing I’m nerdiest about… Comedy… Comedy… it has the power to make you laugh (gee, what a shock), philosophize, and occasionally change the cultural landscape (see the trinity of Carlin, Bruce, and Pryor for full details) Each generation has its form what brings people into giggle fits and some stand the test […]

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