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Stern German Lady: How to survive the reign of The New Leader, President Trump

  Let me tell you, I have had my share of autocratic leaders. I’ve seen all of them from Ottos to Wilhelms, to Hitlers. So to help you prepare for the future of your country, here are some tips about how to stay low and out of the secret police’s view.     Keep your […]

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Stern German Lady: 6 Things To Do This New Year’s Eve

6 Things To Do This New Year’s Eve. The New Year is close upon us. Many feel this is a time for celebration because of the pressures of city lifestyles. As such I have come up with six activities for your New Year’s Eve Celebrations. Work Work is life, life is work. Everything else is […]

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Stern German Lady: Not Fond of Christmas Decorations

Dear Stern German Lady, Every December my wife virtually buries our home in Christmas decorations. It’s not just the tree and stockings in the living room; she’s not happy until there are Christmas towels and Christmas soap in the bathroom and another tree and knicky-knacky stuff downstairs. Not even a doorknob is safe from decoration. […]

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Stern German Lady: Not Voting in Minnesota

Dear Stern German Lady, My 72-year-old husband believes that not voting in the upcoming presidential election is making a statement because he can’t tolerate any of the candidates. He believes that not voting is telling the political parties to offer more acceptable candidates. I believe that not voting makes no statement at all because many […]

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